2022 Herbert A. Simon Award: Björn Lundgren

Dear Colleagues,

It is my privilege to announce that the International Association for Computing and Philosophy’s executive board has selected Dr. Björn Lundgren for the 2022 Herbert A. Simon Award for Outstanding Research in Computing and Philosophy, which specifically recognizes scholars at an early stage of their academic career whose research is likely to reshape debates at the nexus of Computing and Philosophy.

Dr Lundgren is a postdoctoral researcher at Utrecht University (the Netherlands). He was awarded a Ph.D. from the Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm, Sweden) in 2018. The year after he started working at the Institute for Futures Studies (Stockholm, Sweden), leading a project on ethical and societal aspects of the implementation of self-driving vehicles (with funding from the Swedish Transport Administration). During his time at IFFS, Lundgren also consulted for the University of Twente in two EU-projects (SHERPA and SIENNA), mostly working on ethical guidelines for AI and robotics. In 2020, Lundgren left IFFS for a postdoc at Umeå University (Sweden) in a project on AI, Democracy and Self-Determination. Lundgren is currently working in a research program on the Ethics of socially disruptive technologies (ESDiT). His main focus is on methods of ethics of technology in general, and socially disruptive technologies, in particular. This methodological focus can be found in many of his previous works, which ranges over topics such as information, information security, anonymity, privacy, the right to privacy, decision under risk and uncertainty, self-driving vehicles, and AI.

Dr. Lundgren will present the Simon Award Keynote Address at IACAP 2022, Santa Clara University, San Jose, CA. Please join us at IACAP 2022 to congratulate Dr. Lundgren on this well-deserved award. More information regarding the conference can be found here. https://www.iacap.org/iacap-2022-cfa/

best regards,

Dr Steve McKinlay
Executive Director, International Association for Computing and Philosophy