Anyone (students included) interested in IACAP-related topics, teaching activities and research areas can apply for ordinary or lifetime membership. Part-time and fulltime undergraduate and graduate students can pay the student fees if they wish to do so.

All members will benefit from a 10% discount at all CAP conferences. Lifetime members will be listed on the website.

Furthermore, Ordinary and lifetime members (but not members paying student fees) enjoy the following advantages:

  • they have voting rights;
  • they can nominate and be nominated as candidates for IACAP offices;
  • they can be nominated for the Covey Award.

The current amounts of the individual fees are:

  • students = $10
  • ordinary members = $30
  • lifetime membership = $300

The preferred means of payment is via our online form (powered by Paypal – all major credit cards accepted). Simply choose a membership type and click the ‘buy now’ button, and you will be redirected to a secure payment system for further details:

IACAP Membership