“Computing and Philosophy: Selected Papers from IACAP 2014”, Vincent C. Müller, ed.

IACAP is proud to announce the Synthese Library publication of selected papers from IACAP 2014, Thessaloniki under the editorial direction of Vincent C. Müller.

“Computing and Philosophy: Selected Papers from IACAP 2014”

This volume offers very selected papers from the 2014 conference of the “International Association for Computing and Philosophy” (IACAP) – a conference tradition of 28 years. The theme of the papers is the two-way relation between computing technologies and philosophical questions: Computing technologies both raise new philosophical questions, and shed light on traditional philosophical problems. The chapters cover: 1) philosophy of computing, 2) philosophy of computer science & discovery, 3) philosophy of cognition & intelligence, 4) computing & society, and 5) ethics of computation.