Third Annual Computers and Philosophy Conference at Dartmouth College

Connective Knowledge
Joop Schopman and Aziz Shawky (Rejks Universiteit Utrecht, The Netherlands)

Artificial Intelligence Methodology Meets Philosophy
Thomas Simon (University of Florida, Gainesville)

A Defense of Computational Semantics with Implications for Artificial Intelligence
Colleen Crangle (Stanford University)

Artificial Intelligence and Common Sense
Marek Aftowicz-Bielecki (California State University/Hayward, University of Warsaw)

The SYMLOG Project: Computer Assisted Instruction in Symbolic Logic
Frederic D. Portoraro (University of Toronto)

SEMTAB: Computer Assisted Active Learning for Elementary Logic
William H. Hanson (University of Minnesota, Minneapolis)

Keynote Address in Computing

Computers Revolutionize the Classroom
John Kemeny
Dartmouth College

“Prisoner’s Dilemma” and “CMU Proof Tutor”
Leslie Burkholder, Jonathan Pressler and Richard Schemes (Carnegie Mellon University)

“Logic Circuits” and “Proof Designer”
Mark Bedau and Jim Moor (Dartmouth College)

“Turing’s World” and “Tarski’s World”
Jon Barwise and John Etchemendy (Stanford University)

August 26, 1988

Philosophical Implications of the Turing Test
Joseph Agassi (York University, Toronto; University of Frankfurt; Tel Aviv University)

Algorithmics: A New Paradigm for Mathematics
Newcomb Greenleaf (Department of Computer Science, Columbia University)

JEFFIE: Truth Trees, Pedagogy, and Incompleteness
David Boyer (St. Cloud State University, St. Cloud, Minnesota)

Functionalism and Computational Psychology
Felicity A. Watts (University of Southern Maine, Portland)

Heuristics for Translation from Natural Language Text into Logic Notation
Joseph F. Hanna and Herbert E. Hendry (Michigan State University)

A Computer Model of Deliberating, Planning, Intending and Acting
Randall R. Dipert (SUNY, Fredonia)

Keynote Address in Philosophy

Against Connectionism
Jerry Fodor


Authoring Tools for Hypermedia
David Bantz (Dartmouth College)

Project THEORIA: Interactive videodiscs “A Right to Die?” and “Vermeer or van Meegeren?”
Preston Covey, Scott Roberts, Robert Cavalier (Carnegie Mellon University)

August 27, 1988

Towards Simulating Baby Learning–A Prototype for Simulating Socratic Method
Sheldon Richmond (Thornhill, Ontario)

Applications of Free Logic in Computer Science
Ray Gumb (Department of Computer Science, University of Lowell)

Ethical Procedures and the Use of Computers
Pieter Moster (Rijksuniversiteit Limburg, The Netherlands)