Sixth International Computers and Philosophy Conference at Southern Connecticut State University

Artificial Intelligence

Session Chair: Steven Jay Gold, Southern Connecticut State University

Searle and Descartes: Nonthinking Speakers and Nonspeaking Thinkers
Don Skvert, University of Missouri, Columbia

A Theory of Cognition for a Hypertext Generator
George Teschner, Christopher Newport College

Timekeeping and Identity in a Distributed Computing Environment
Peter H. Barnett, John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Keynote Address

Extrinsic Properties and Artificial Intelligence
Frederick I. Dretske

Stanford University

Software Demonstrations

“The LogicWorks” and “The CourseWorks”
Rob Brady, Stetson University

Wojiech Suchon, Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland

Logic I

Session Chair: Ken W. Gatzke, Southern Conneticut State U.

A Recursive Algorithm for Constructing Deductions
Herbert E. Hendry and Joseph F. Hanna, Michigan State U.

Theorem Proving in Fitch’s Natural Deduction
Andrew S. McCalferty, Louisiana State University

Symlog’s Natural Deduction Theorem Prover
Frederic D. Portoraro, University of Toronto

Logic and Computer Science Practice
Raymond D. Gumb, University of Lowell

Artificial lntelligence II

The Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence: An Interdisciplinary, Team-Taught Course
Paul A. Luker and Dennis Rothermel, Calibrnia Stata-Chico

Artificial Rationality
Leslie Burkholder, Carnegie Mellon

Philosophical Challenges to Church’s Thesis as a Model for Computation
Catherine A. Womack, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

August 11, 1991

Logic II

Panel Discussion: “The Use of Logic Programs in the Undergraduate Curriculum”
Chair: Robert Cavalier, Carnegie Mellon
Panelists: Rob Brady, Stetson University
Richard Scheines, Carnegie Mellon
James H. Moor, Dartmouth College
Frederic D. Portoraro, University of Toronto
Marvin Croy, U. of North Carolina, Charlotte

Keynote Address

Project Gutenberg: Giving Away One Trillion Electronic Books
Michael S. Hart

Director, Project Gutenberg

The Electronic Philosopher

Computer Analysis of Philosophical Texts; a ‘TACTful’ Approach
Gavin T. Colvert, University of Toronto

A Multi-Lingual Concordances and Flexible Search/Query System for Philosophical Classics
Tze-wan Kwan, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Panel Discussion: “The Impact on Philosophy of Electronic Texts and Bulletin Boards”
Chair: Terrell Ward Bynum, Southern Connecticut State University Panelists. Peter Danielson, Co-Moderator, PHILOSOP
Barry Floyd, Moderator, NSP-L
Gavin T. Colvert, University of Toronto
(others to be announced)

Film Showing: “Forbidden Planet”
Discussion Afterwards lead by:
Ken W. Gatzke, Southern Connecticut State U.
Daniel P. Ort, Southern Connecticut State U.

August 12, 1991

Computing and Philosophical Concepts

Expert Systems and the Concept of Knowledge
Jacques N. Catudal, Drexel University

Post-Modern Anxieties Over Hypermedia
Donald Keefer, Rhode Island School of Design

Getting Down to Cases
Chris Riesbeck, Northwestern University
Maxine Morphis, MetaMorphis Associates