Fourth International Conference on Computers and Philosophy at Carnegie Mellon University

Tutorial on Connectionism
Mark St. John

August 10, 1989

Computation and Representation

Chair: Colleen Crangle

The Structure of Extensions
Christopher Thornton

Some Problems in the Computational Representation of Inference
Tryg Ager

Philosophical Challanges in Distributed Computing
Peter Barnett


Chair: Peter Madsen

Should Computer Programs Be Ownable?
David Carey

Moral Responsibility and Programming
Robert Zerwekh

Computer System Design as Social Experimentation
Jo Ann Oravec and Larry Travis

Keynote Lecture

Representational Genera
John Haugeland

Introduction: Leslie Burkholder

Software Presentations

Chair: Nelson Pole

More Than the Sum of Its Predicates
Gregory Tropea

Designing and Implementing Finite Structures in SYMLOG
Fred Portoraro

A Graphic Mouse-driven Interface for Proof Construction
Marvin Croy

William Hanson

Computer-assisted instruction for Socratic dialogue
Don Barker and Stephen Scott

Mark Bedau and Jim Moor

A non-deductive spatial model of ethical decision making
Pieter Mostert et al

August 11, 1989


Chair: Jim Moor

Selecting a Contradiction in Natural Deduction Theorem Proving
Andrew McCafferty

How to Direct the Search for Proofs (in Sentential Logic)
Wilfried Sieg, Jonathan Pressler and Richard Schemes

Automated Translation from Logical Notation into English
Herbert Hendry and Joe Hanna

Advanced Educational Computing; The NeXT Machine
Demonstrator: Robert Cavalier

Philosophy of Mind

Chair: Austen Clark

The Secret Operations of the Mind
Saul Traiger

Why Thinking Isn’t Computing
Daryl Close

Computationalism, The Frame Problem, and The Modularity Thesis
Eric Dietrich and Chris Fields

Keynote Lecture

The Computer as a Laboratory for Epistemology
Herbert Simon

Introduction: Richard Schemes

Preparing the Electronic Document
Allen Renear

August 12, 1989

Connectionism, Computation, and Learning

Chair: Colleen Crangle

PDP and Genetic Algorithms
Ken Aizawa

A Distributed Connectionist Framework for Language Processing
J. L. McLelland

Computational Approaches to Inductive Inference
Kevin Kelly