Fifth Annual Computers and Philosophy Conference at Stanford University

Keynote Address

Computers and Minds
John Searle and Brian Smith
Berkeley and Xerox PARC/Stanford

Morning Session

Chair: Maggie Kuder

Complexity and Models of Minds: A Simple Hilbertian Argument that Strong AI is Doomed
Randall Dipert (SUNY, Fredonia)

Shades of Consciousness
Roderic Girle (Australian National University)

A Chasm or a Slope? Folk Psychology and Theoretical Neuroscience
David Helman (Portland State University)

Afternoon Session

Chair: Kevin Nordberg (Scranton)

Artificial Morality: A Program Studying Rationality and Morality
Peter Danielson (York)

The Philosophers’ Burden: Facing up to the Ethical and Practical Problem of CAI Evaluation
Marvin Croy (North Carolina)

Should I Copy my Neighbor’s Software?
Helen Nissenbaum (Stanford)

Late Afternoon Session

Chair: Tyrg Ager (Stanford)

To Save the Semantic Phenomena: Machine Translation and Interlingua Texts
Kenneth Goodman and Sergei Nirenburg (CMU)

Automated Translation between English and Logical Notation
Joseph Hanna and Herbert Hendry (Michigan State)

Algorithmic Translation in Propositional Logic
William Hanson (Minnesota)

Caiegorial Grammar and the Tarski Translator
Jamie Rucker (Stanford)

August 10, 1990

Keynote Discussion

The Architecture of Intelligence
Pat Hayes and David Rumelhart

Xerox PARC/Stanford and Stanford

Morning Session

Chair: Keith Devlin (Colby)

Inference in Modular Theories of Vision
Richard Montgomery (West Virginia)

Some Implications of the Epzstemological Premises in Knowledge Acquisition
Barbara Becker (Institute for Mathematics and Data Processing)

1001 Reasons for not Proving Programs Correct: A Survey
D.E. Stevenson (Clemson)

Afternoon Session

Chair: James Moor (Dartmouth)

An Experimental Comparison of Jlllernaiive Proof Construction Environments
Richard Schemes and Wilfried Sieg (CMU

Courseware Alternative to the Classroom in the History of Philosophy 
Richard Tieszen (San Jose State)


Mark Battersby (Capilano)

Bounded Rationality and Iterated PD’s
Leslie Burkholder (CMU)

Austen Clark (Tulsa)

Computer Assisted Instruction Applied to the Teaching of Scientific Reasoning
Lindley Darden & Jandelyn Plane (Maryland)

Denver Generic
Martin Fricke (Arizona)

Derivation Checker
Brendan Henry, Steven Kuhn, and Sharon Pizzo (Georgetown)

Old Dave‘s Class List Program
David Luce (Wisconson)

Proof Designer and Gates of Logic
James Moor (Dartmouth)

Computer Assisted Instruction in Logic at a University serving Hispanics
Madeleine Pepin-Keys (Lady of the Lake)

Symlog‘s Natural Deduction Theorem Prover
Frederic Portoraro (Toronto)

MacLogic Program
Stephen Read (St. Andrews)

Socratic Teaching System
Sheldon Richmond (UC, San Diego)

APHRA: Exercises in Intro Logic
Phyllis Rooney (Iowa)

On-line Searching in Philosophy
MaryEllen Sievert and Donald Sievert (Missouri University)

Five Software Programs
Karin Trgovac (Center for Applied Philosophical Research)


The Future of AI
John MCCarthy (Stanford)

August 11, 1990

Hypertext Panel
Chair: Robert Cavalier (CMU)
Allen Renear (Brown)
Charles Ess (Drury)
Pat Manfedi
George Tescheiier (Christopher Newport)
Saul Traiger (Occidental)