Eighth Annual Computing And Philosophy Conference at Carnegie Mellon

Multimedia In Ethics and Aesthetics: New projects from Carnegie Mellon’s Center for the Advancement of Applied Ethics (CAAE)
The Issue of Abortion in America
Art or Obscenity? The Case of Robert Mapplethorpe
Fight or Flight? Conflict Resolution Skills
Interactive Multimedia in Professional Ethics

Presented by Robert Cavalier, Lisa Leizman, Martha Harty, and Robert Mertzman

August 12, 1993

Keynote Address

Of Balloons & Bicycles, Multimedia and Ethics
Preston Covey

Department of Philosophy, Director, CAAE, CMU

Electronic Communications

Chair: Jim Scow, Dept. of Humanities, Stevens Institute of Technology

The Structure of Electronic Space in Bulletin Board Systems
George Teschner, Christopher Newport University Frank McCluskey, Mercy College

The Future of the APA’s Electronic Bulletin Board
Saul Traiger and Jan Panero, Occidental College

Computer Ethics

Responsibility Issues Surrounding Computer Decision Systems
Deborah G. Johnson, Dept. of Civil Engineering and Operations Research, Princeton University

Desktop Logic Programs

Chair: Peter Barnett, Associate Professor of Philosophy, John Jay College, CUNY

The LogiCoach Program
Nelson Pole, CSU, Ohio

SM-TUTOR: A Proof editor and tutor program for SMULLYAN’S first order logic
Walter Hoering, Philosophisches Seminar, Universitat Tuebingen

Results of a Two Year Study of Some Behavioral and Attitudinal Effects of Using CAI to Teach Logic
Marvin J. Croy, Dept. of Philosophy, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
James Cook, Dept. of Psychology, UNC/Charlotte
Michael Green, Curriculum and Instruction, UNC/Charlotte

Creative Problem-Solving and Metaphors

Chair: Nicholas Browniow, Philosophy, Carnegie Mellon

The Formal Implications of a Dual-Space Theory of Insight
David F. Wolf, II, Philosophy Dept. SUNY Binghampton

Erik Steinhart, Dept. of Philosophy, SUNY at Stony Brook
NETMET: A Program For Generating Metaphors

August 13, 1993

Keynote Address

From Philosophy to Artificial Intelligence
Clark Glymour, Department of Philosophy, CMU

Philosophy of Science and AI

Chair: John H. Akerson, Dept. of Philosophy/Religion, Appalachian State University, Boone, NC

Naturalism in Philosophy of Science, Complex Adaptive Systems, and the Problem of Induction
Larry Crockett, Dept. of Computer Science, Augsburg College, Minneapolis

Reliable Testing of Intractable Empirical Theories
Kevin Kelly and Oliver Schulte, Dept. of Philosophy, Carnegie Mellon University

The Nature of Computation

Notions of Computation
Valerie Gray Hardcastle, Dept. of Philosophy, Virginia Polytechnic Institute Computationalism and Functionalism in Artificial Intelligence
Wilfried Sieg and John Byrnes, Dept. of Philosophy, Carnegie Mellon University

Automated Theorem Proving and Intelligent CAI

Chair: Fred Portoraro, Philosophy, University of Toronto

The ETPS Educational Theorem Proving System
Matthew Bishop and Hongwei Xi, Department of Mathematics, CMU

Automated Proof Search in Predicate Logic
Wilfried Sieg and Richard Schemes, Dept. of Philosophy, CMU

August 14, 1993

Electronic Texts

The Santayana Edition: Computers, Texts, and Editorial Scholarship
Herman J. Saatkamp, Jr., Dept. of Philosophy and Humanities, Texas A&M University

Dialogue and Democracy: Philosophical Perspectives on Hypertext
Dr. Charles Ess, Drury College
Dr. David Koib, Bates College

Computational Linguistics

Discovering the Structure of Domains via NLP: Notes from the CLARIT Project
David A. Evans, Departments of Philosophy and Computer Science, CMU

Using NLP to Discover Relations Among Concepts: Notes from the SEXTANT Project
Gregory Grefenstette, Laboratory for Computational Linguistics, Department of Philosophy, CMU

NLP-Based Foreign Language Instruction: Notes from the ALICE Project
Lori S. Levin, Center for Machine Translation, School of Computer Science, CMU