CAP 1999 at Carnegie Mellon


Writing for a New Medium: How the Web and CD-ROM’s Transform Authoring
Lawrence M. Hinman, University of San Diego

Enhanced Streaming Video Packages
Ken Knisely, Milk Bottle Productions, Inc.
Drew Arrowood, Southeastern University

August 6, 1999

Hard Data in Defense of Logical Minds
Selmer Bringsjord & Kelsey Rinella
The Minds & Machines Laboratory
Dept. of Philosophy, Psychology & Cognitive Science
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Knowing Life: Solutions to Perceived Epistemological Limits in the Computer Aided Study of Artificial Life
John Sullins
Philosophy Computers and Cognitive Science
Binghamton University

Android Arete: Virtue Ethics for Computational Agents
Kari Coleman, University of British Columbia

Panel Discussion: Logic Instruction on the Internet
Marvin Croy, Adam Garside, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Colin Allen & Chris Menzel, Texas A&M University
George Rainbolt & Steven Rieber, Georgia State University

Turing’s Two Tests for Intelligence
Susan G. Sterrett, University of Pittsburgh

Belief-Scan 4.0: Teaching Critical Thinking
Elliot D. Cohen

Computers and the Language of Thought
Stephen Pink, University of Technology, Sweden

Ethical Considerations in Web-Site Design: A Planar Approach
Bill McDaniel & Pat McGrew

A Computability Theory Hypertextbook for an On-Line Cognitive Science Curriculum
Brian J. Rosmaita, Kent State University

August 7, 1999

Multimedia and Writing-to-the Web: Media Literacy and Teaching Philosophy through the Internet
Lawrence Ashley, Chair, Dept of Philosophy, SUNY Cortland
Kathryn Russell, Dept of Philosophy, SUNY Cortland Program

Computer Models for Teaching Philosophy of Science
Stephen D. Norton
Committee on the History and Philosophy of Science
University of Maryland, College Park


Intellectual Full-Text Databases in Philosophical Knowledge and Education (Textaurus: Philosophical Classics)
Sergei Kh. Lyapin, Olga P.Skidan, Alexey V.Kukovyakin
Pomor University (Arkhangelsk, Russia)

The Alex Catalogue, A Possible Multi-Purpose Tool for Teaching Philosophy and Exploring Electronic Texts
Eric Lease Morgan, Digital Library Initiatives

Noesis: Philosophical Research On-Line
Anthony F. Beavers, University of Evanville


Authentic Intentionality
John Haugeland

Department of Philosophy, University of Chicago

AI’s Solution to the Paradox of Mechanical Reason
Margaret A. Cuonzo, Long Island University

Panel Discussion: An Overview of Computing and Philosophy in the Countries and Regions of Nigeria, Kuwait, and the Philippines
Prof. Benjamin M. Wage, Jr., St. Scholastica’s College, 1004 Manila, Philippines

Logic and Minds: Computers and Models of Human Reasoning
Roy Elveton, Maxine H. and Winston R. Wallin Professor of Philosophy and Cognitive Studies, Carleton College
Salah Muhareb Al-fadhli, University of Kuwait
Adetola Olatunji, Ogun State University, Nigeria
Ago-Iwoye, Ogun State, Nigeria

Constructing Common Sense 
Catherine Sherron-Ferrell, University of Cincinnati

The Immune System and Philosophy: Computation, Cognition, and Personal Identity
Eric Steinhart

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