CAP 1998 at Carnegie Mellon University

August 13, 1998


The Imapct of Computing on Epistemology: Knowing Godel’s Mind Through Computation
Selmer Bringsjord

Associate Chair; Director of Minds & Machines Program
Dept. of Philosophy, Psychology & Cognitive Science
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Computer Simulations, Robots and Virtual Persons in Undergraduate Instruction: A Report on the PT-Project
David L. Anderson, Illinois State University John A. Barker, Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville

The 4th Tetralogy: An Online Exploration of Plato’s Middle Dialogues
Anthony F. Beavers, University of Evansville

The Electronic Global Village: Cosmopolitan Ideal – or Cybercentrism?
Charles Ess, Drury College

The Utopian Visions Web Site: An On-line Effort to Do Philosophy
William Uzgalis, Oregon State University

Tracking the User: Private Thoughts on the Internet
Kay Mathiesen, University of Arizona

Signaling Theory and Internet Epistemology
Don Fallis, University of Arizona

Project THEORIA: Interactive Multimedia in Ethics, “A Right to Die? The Dax Cowart Case” and “The Issue of Abortion in America”
Robert Cavalier, Carnegie Mellon University

August 14, 1998


The Impact of Computing on the Teaching of Logic
Randy Dipert

United States Military Academy

Using CD-ROMs to Teach Philosophy
Terry Bynum, University of Southern Conneticut

Web Support for Student Research and Writing in the Philosophy Curriculum: The OhioLINK History of Philosophy Instructional Web Site
Brian J. Rosmaita, Kent State University

Interface Design, Student Performance, and the Working Backwards Method of Proof Construction
Marvin Croy, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Full Text Databases — Philosophy and the History of Ideas
Mark Rooks, Intelex

The Poiesis Project – Philosophy Jounals Online
George Leaman, The Philosophy Documentation Center

A Philosophical Analysis of the World Wide Web 
Mike Sandbothe, University of Magdeburg, Germany

Church’s Thesis and the Status of Idealizations in Mathematics
Catherine Womack, Union College

Using Digital Audio and Video in World Wide Web Ethics Conferences and Lectures
Lawrence M. Hinman, University of San Deigo

Closing Session: Preparing for CAP 2000