CAP 1997 at Carnegie Mellon University

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Tom Stone, Episteme Links Webmaster

August 8, 1997


A Philosophical Defense of Artificial Intelligence
Jim Moor

Dartmouth College

APA Committee Report on Computer Technology Survey
Ron Barnette, Larry Hinman and Robert Cavalier
Chair: Terry Bynum

Panel Discussion: Thinking and Computing
James Fetzer, Selmer Bringsjord, Jim Moor

The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Jim Fieser, University of Tennessee

The Bioethics Internet Project
Glenn McGee, University of Pennsylvania

Panel on the State of Logic Software
Nelson Pole, Marvin Croy, Robert Redmon and Rob Brady

Redesigning the Curriculum: The PACCS Program Interdisciplinary Program in Philosophy, Computers and the Cognitive Sciences
Eileen C. Way & Jerrold Aronson, Binghamton University

Conflict, Diversity and Multimedia in Applied Ethics Education
Preston Covey & Martha Harty, Carnegie Mellon University

August 9, 1997


Computer Ethics
Terry Bynum

CT State University

St. Augustine and Eleven Hundred Computers: The PHILOSOP List
Istvan S. N. Berkeley, University of Southwestern Louisiana

Learning to Teach in the Web
John Dorbolo

Computational Space-Time
Eric Steinhart, William Paterson College

Multimedia and Critical Thinking: The Advise Project

Plenary Session: Computing and Philosophy at the Turn of the Century