The Administration of the IACAP

The current charge of the IACAP administration is to oversee the formation of a democratic professional association to serve computing and philosophy. It is currently developing a charter, formalizing the organization as a non-profit corporation, and determining some initial policies for governance.

International Administration as of Jan 15, 2012 (end of term in parentheses):

President [president@…]
Mariariosaria Taddeo (2016)

Former Presidents
Anthony Beavers
Luciano Floridi

Executive Director [executivedirector@…]
Don Berkich (2018)

Treasurer [treasurer@…]
Mark Waser (2015)

Membership and Promotions Coordinator [promotions@…]
Derek Jones (2016)

Technical Manager [technicalmanager@…]
Don Berkich (2016)

Sig Director for Minds and Machines [mindsandmachines@…]
Paul Bello (2016)

Member at Large
Giuseppe Primiero (2018)